Online Learning Management Software for Continuing Professional Education

The Rievent Platform automates administration, empowers learners with self-service tools, and collects valuable data on continuing education activities. It’s easy to use, too.

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What can you do with the Rievent Platform?

If you’re looking for CE software that eliminates hours of administration and enables learners to manage their own CE experience, look no further. That’s exactly what you’ll achieve with the Rievent Platform.


Create new activities in minutes and add content in common learning file formats. The Rievent Platform supports all types of continuing education activities.


Learners access activities and register for events online. The software delivers content directly to learners through a single, integrated experience.


Using self-service tools, learners register for events, complete activities, resume incomplete activities, view test scores, print certificates, and more.


Comprehensive reporting provides valuable insights on the impact of your CE activities, so you can assess future needs using real performance data.

These organizations count on the Rievent Platform

CE Provider Features

Reduce your administrative burden, solve business problems, and identify opportunities to improve continuing education activities – all through a single platform.

Activity Creation Tools

With feature-rich production templates for all activity types, it’s easy to create new activities and deliver a first-class experience to your learners.

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Powerful eCommerce Tools

Enable eCommerce so learners can register for events and pay for attendance online. They can also use eCommerce tools to access activities.

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Data-Rich Activity Reporting

Comprehensive metrics provide valuable granular intelligence on all of your CE activities. CME providers can generate automatic ACCME PARS data exports.

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Import Your Legacy Data

Run reports on legacy data after importing it to the Rievent Platform. Learners can access self-service tools for completed activities, too.

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Always Be Current

Cloud-based delivery means you’re always on the current version of our software. Get every new feature, enhancement, and update automatically.

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On-Demand Support

A Support Portal offers the tools – and human support – you need to solve problems quickly, so you can keep enjoying an "issue-free" experience.

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The Rievent Platform streamlines the process of getting our content in front of learners.

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CE Learner Features

Make it easy for learners to complete activities, attend live events, and manage continuing education participation records.

Register for CE Live Events

It’s time to simplify live event registration. Rievent’s CE Events Calendar makes it easy to browse upcoming events, make selections, and register. No separate logins. No third party apps. Everything happens in one place.

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Claim Credit Automatically

Transform “credits claimed” into “credits earned,” right away and without lifting a finger. The Rievent Platform lets learners claim CE before they leave a live event. Credits post to their accounts automatically.

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View and Print Certificates and Transcripts

Eliminate costly document processing and empower learners to manage certificates and transcripts. The Rievent Platform lets learners access these documents online, so they can get exactly what they need – fast.

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Access Test Scores and Participation History

It’s time to give learners more control over CE. With the Rievent Platform, managing participation history is a simple, learner-guided exercise. Learners can view test scores, credits earned, and so much more, all in a matter of seconds.

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Evaluations are so much easier with Rievent, and our participation is up to nearly 100%.

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