Make certification management simple

Manage credit types, accredited providers, and certificates from one place.

Certifications and credits shouldn’t be complicated.

Rievent’s Certification Management Tool (CMT) makes it easy to create and manage credit options, accredited providers, and certificates. Use one tool for all things related to certification and automate tasks like certificate distribution and maintenance of certification (MOC) verification.

One hub for certification administration

Create new credit options, add accredited providers, and build new certificates. Rievent supports any number of accredited providers and lets you add your own certificate and credit information.

Simple custom certificates

Build any number of custom certificates just one time. Learners can access their certificate after earning the requisite credits. Start with a default certificate template and customize it to your requirements.

Automated MOC credit verification

Add MOC as a credit type that learners can claim for qualifying activities. Real-time web service integration with the ACCME automatically transmits and verifies MOC points with participating medical boards.

End your certification management frustrations

Accredited Providers

Add any number of accredited providers from Rievent’s CMT. Just enter the name of a provider, associate them with a certificate type, and add credit details.

Credit Options

Create and manage unlimited credit options and associate them with any accredited providers or certificates.


Easily build custom certificates that look the way you want them to. Learner’s can access their certificates any time from Rievent’s Learning Portal.

MOC Automation

Make it easy for learners to claim MOC points. Rievent automatically sends MOC data to the ACCME for medical board verification.

Rievent in Action

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