Integrating CME Activities With CME Content Improves Ease of Use

Rievent’s CME experience makes multiple platforms feel like a single platform.

When Silverchair needed a CME solution for their publisher customers, they found incredible value in Rievent Connect’s seamless CME activity integration.

At AHC Media, Rievent’s CME activities integrate directly with the organization’s web interface, eliminating the “feel” of multiple platforms and making it easier for learners earn CME online.



Many publisher customers maintain separate technology silos for education and content. The lack of consolidation creates a cumbersome learner experience and complicates online CME/CE.

AHC Media

Neither a homegrown LMS nor off-the-shelf products could effectively integrate with the organization’s website or publishing tools. CME activities, content, and learner account management didn’t function as a single experience.



After tapping Rievent as a Silverchair Universe Partner, the organization’s publisher clients finally have a viable option for CME activity and content integration. Rievent Connect plugs CME/CE activities directly into those clients’ Silverchair content interface

AHC Media

Migration to Rievent improved efficiency by integrating content, CME activities, and learner account management functions into one experience, all of which are accessible via the organization’s website.


“Rievent Connect allows users to earn CE without leaving the client’s site. Compared to keeping education and content separate, it’s a much more intuitive experience.”

“Rievent is amplifying the value of the Silverchair platform. They’re helping us keep publishers and subscribers on the cutting edge.”

– Stephanie Lovegrove
Marketing Manager at Silverchair

“As far as learners are concerned, our online tools do it all. It’s branded as AHC Media, and you can do everything in one place.”

“There isn’t a platform for viewing content, a platform for taking tests, and a platform for managing your account. With Rievent, it feels like a single platform.”

– David Fournier
CEO and Publisher at AHC Media

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