Simplify activity selection for your learners

Guide learners to the right CME/CE activities and encourage their participation.

A catalog and calendar-based experience helps learners get started.

Rievent makes it easy for learners to browse, select, and begin CME/CE activities. A searchable activity catalog helps them find relevant content quickly. For live meetings, learners use an events calendar to choose and register for activities.

Simple selection tools

The CE Catalog and Events Calendar make it easy for learners to find, select, and complete activities from a single application.  They can filter by topics, categories, credit, speakers, activity types, event dates, and more. 

Instant activity access

After learners select an activity, they can begin right away. There’s no handoff to another application, and integrated e-commerce tools allow you to publish pay-to-participate activities.

On-the-go participation

Can your learners complete activities from any device? Rievent’s Learning Portal works on any device, so there’s no separate app required to download. Learners can start an activity on their phone, then resume it later from their home computer, tablet, laptop, or whatever device is most  convenient.

Deliver a seamless CME/CE activity experience

CE Catalog

Display activities in a catalog format according to learners’ search terms, content categories, or search filters.

Events Calendar

Show learners what’s on the horizon with an events calendar that displays all CME/CE-eligible live meetings and offers instant registration.

Select and Start

Learners begin activities right after selecting them in Rievent. No juggling multiple applications or waiting to participate.

Auto-Save and Resume

Lost internet mid-activity? Not a problem. An autosave feature runs continuously in the background ensuring learners can resume the activity exactly where they left off.

Mobile Responsive

Empower your learners to participate wherever they are. With Rievent, they can select and complete activities from any smartphone, table, or desktop device.


Add payment options for any activity with built-in e-commerce tools. Learners select, pay for, and begin activities from the same place.

Rievent in Action

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