For Publishers, a CME-Focused LMS Brings Business Benefits

More automation means more time for CME innovation and fewer learner support requests.

At the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), Rievent accelerated CME activity publishing for Neurology® journals and streamlined the once tedious annual reporting process.

At Elsevier, administrators used Rievent to reduce journal CME publishing time and free up additional hours for developing new activities.



Manual processes, such as constantly copying and pasting content into PDFs, made CME activity publishing tedious and time-consuming. The AAN needed a platform that eliminated unnecessary administration and allowed administrators to focus on more important work.


With more than 500 journal sites to maintain, the publisher needed a reliable platform with consistent, comprehensive publishing tools for all CME activities.



Administrators used Rievent’s activity building tools to automate the production process for journal CME. Thanks to a more straightforward learner experience, administrators rarely have to answer credit-related questions from learners.


With Rievent, Elsevier slashed the amount of time administrators spent authoring CME activities and provided learners with an intuitive journal CME experience.


“With Rievent’s production tool, [our activity creation] process is automated. I can put our courses together more quickly.”

“Our members are less tempted to go elsewhere for CME. Rievent is helping us realize our vision of being indispensable to members.”

– Lee Ann Kleffman
Neurology® Senior Editorial Associate at the American Academy of Neurology

“[With Rievent], it literally takes minutes to use our production templates to create exams, which is faster than what we used before .”

“Rievent boosted our efficiency, which means we can spend more time brainstorming […] We’re really focused on development now, and Rievent is a big reason why.”

– Dave Kinnison
Electronics Periodicals Manager at Elsevier

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