The Rievent Platform

The Rievent Platform makes CME and CE management simple, fast, and hassle-free for you and your learners.

Engage and empower learners

Give learners the tools they need to select activities, claim credit, and access certificates or transcripts — all on their own.

Manage the entire CME lifecycle

Build, publish, monitor activities and run reports, all the while collecting valuable performance data.

Consolidate your CME activities

Bring every CME/CE activity into Rievent and manage everything from one place.

Put learners in the driver’s seat

Provide learners with a comprehensive, easy-to-use interface for all CME or CE. With Rievent’s full suite of tools for professional learners, you can finally provide the intuitive CME/CE experience your learners deserve.

Stay compliant with zero effort

Rievent stays current with evolving CME and CE requirements, so you don’t have to stress over them. Built-in updates and upgrades ensure you’re always up-to-date with ever-changing standards and expectations.

Automate your reporting

Meet reporting requirements without the hassle. Rievent automatically gathers, organizes, and formats data for annual reporting to the ACCME, ACPE, and ANCC,  freeing you from countless hours of tedious data collection.

Do you compile Maintenance of Certification (MOC) reports? Rievent automates MOC reporting for all ACCME partner medical boards.

Constantly improve your CME activities

Drill down into activity data with granular metrics on learner performance and participation. Comprehensive reports offer insights that help you analyze and enhance future CME or CE activities for your learners.

“[Rievent] streamlines the process of getting CME in front of learners. When they say ‘minutes to launch,’ they’re being accurate.”

– Dave Kinnison
Electronics Periodicals Manager at Elsevier

“Processing evaluations and attendance is so much easier with Rievent. Participation this year was nearly 100%.”

– Shari Moore
VP of Risk Management at PLICO

Administrator Feature Spotlight

Support for all activities

Deliver and manage enduring materials, journals, live events, webinars, regularly scheduled series (RSS), and manuscript review activities.

Production templates and authoring tools

Create activities in minutes with powerful tools for adding content, formatting activities, and publishing – no programming skills required.

Tests, evaluations, and surveys

Add pre-tests, post-tests, evaluations, peer comparison and automated outcomes surveys to any activity. Choose from multiple choice, rating, drop-down, text entry, and other question types.

Live event management

Manage all types of live meetings, from single day/single session to multi-day events. E-commerce tools make registration fast and simple.

Certification management

Create and manage all credit types, accredited providers, and certificates. The Certification Management Tool includes support for Maintenance of Certification (MOC).

Legacy data import

Add existing learner and activity data to Rievent, view it whenever you want, and run reports on past performance.

Real-time data access

Monitor learner participation and performance in real time. On-demand reporting shows how learners are interacting with your activities at any given moment.

Automated annual reporting

End your reporting headaches with automated reporting for ACCME PARS and JA-PARS, ANCC NARS, and the ACPE’s CPE Monitor.

Standard and custom reports

Rievent’s standard reports include detailed metrics for participation, tests, and evaluations. Need more? Use filters to create a custom report with any metrics you choose.

Consistent design and branding

Preserve your design and brand attributes, including colors and logos, to provide a consistent and seamless experience for learners.

Need even more detail?

Grab a spec sheet to get a comprehensive overview of Rievent’s features!

Learner-directed CME makes your organization more effective

Gone are the days of fielding certificate requests, managing technical hangups, and hand-holding learners who don’t understand – or can’t even use – your CME software.

Rievent makes it easy for learners to manage their own CME/CE experience.

In the meantime, you’re free to focus on core responsibilities: analyzing CME data, brainstorming new activities, and helping your organization grow.

Learner Feature Spotlight

Access with any device

Mobile-responsive design allows learners to complete activities any time they want on any device they choose.

One portal for all CME or CE

Give learners a one-stop destination for all CME/CE activities, participation history, and documents. Single sign-on (SSO) provides access without multiple logins.

Searchable catalog and events calendar

Make it easy to browse and select activities. An activity catalog and events calendar help learners find relevant activities quickly.

Easy event registration

Built-in e-commerce tools make it easy to register and pay directly from the events calendar. Discount codes and automated date-based price changes are available for any activity.

Claim credit automatically

After attending an event, learners can claim CME/CE credit directly from Rievent. Credits for all live events and online activities process automatically in real time.

Download and print certificates and transcripts

Learners can view and print certificates and transcripts any time they like. Since Rievent processes credits in real time, these documents are always current.

Participation and order history

Any time learners want to see a listing of completed activities or payments, the information is at their fingertips.

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