For two whole decades, we’ve been building quality, full-featured CME software.

Our goal is to minimize the time-consuming CME and CE administration that prevents you from doing your best work.

If you’re a CME administrator, tedious tasks probably impede you from doing what you do best: creating CME content, building and publishing valuable activities, and continuously improving based on meaningful insights from learners.

Instead of doing those things, you may spend hours performing data entry, helping learners obtain documents, and scrutinizing spreadsheets for buried information.

The way we see it, that’s not how you should spend your time.

According to our philosophy, automation should drive CME management. Everything from publishing, testing, data collection, and reporting should be a “set it once and forget it” exercise.

That way, you can spend more time doing the job your skills and experience prepared you for.

We follow the constantly evolving CME and CE landscape,  so our software is always current with the latest requirements.

Organizations like the ACCME, ACPE, and ANCC are always updating their compliance standards for accredited providers of CME and CE. At Rievent, we’re laser focused on the changes at these institutions. It’s how we ensure our products always support current requirements. 

Here’s another way to look at it. We stay on top of shifting CME and CE standards so you don’t have to worry whether your technology can cut it this year.

With Rievent, it always will.

We also help you look good for your learners.

CME and CE learners shouldn’t have to struggle with technology. Since learners’ experiences reflect upon you, the provider, our platform makes all learner-side CME/CE as seamless as possible. With Rievent, you can give learners:

  • On-the-go access to CME and CE activities
  • Self-support options for certificate and transcript requests
  • Searchable activity catalog and events calendar
  • Built-in tools for event registration and payments
  • Automated credit requests

The result? Learners earn CME credit without a hitch. You avoid the technical support headaches that set you back.

Best of all, your learners are happy with their CME experience.

Fast Facts

Founded in 2000

Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Global company with a diverse array of clients in the professional continuing education space

SaaS, cloud-based learning management software

Ongoing development based on client requests and evolving industry standards.

CME and CE centered technologies

Rievent pioneered software-as-a-service (SaaS) for CME management way back in 2000.

Since our very first day in business, we’ve provided a cloud-based, Java enterprise platform for building, managing, and delivering CME/CE activities to professional learners.

We’ve grown over the years thanks largely to one simple fact that sets us apart: Rievent builds quality software that works the way it’s supposed to.

CME and CE providers transitioning from clunky or buggy systems, whether homegrown or through another vendor, are usually astounded by how well Rievent performs and how little support is actually required. In the continuing education space, effective, reliable learning management systems are hard to come by. But we’re changing that.

Rievent just works. And it does everything CME/CE providers and learners need it to do.


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