Let your learners access certificates, transcripts, and test scores online

Give learners tools to manage their own CME or CE experience.

End all manual processing of learner documentation

Eliminate costly, time-consuming document processing. Rievent makes it easy for learners to view and print certificates or transcripts via a full-featured Learning Portal branded exactly like your website. They can also view responses to test questions and access content for completed activities.

Provide certificates and transcripts on demand

Make important documents readily available to learners. All they have to do is log in and navigate to the MyCE page. They can view their transcript and certificates online, save them as PDFs, or print them straight from Rievent.

Automate reminder and confirmation emails

Whenever a learner completes an activity, their transcript is immediately updated and they are automatically sent a confirmation email that includes a link to print/download their certificate. Learners also receive automated reminder emails for upcoming live events and follow-up outcomes surveys. 

Say goodbye to waiting periods

Give learners instant access to transcripts and certificates, so they won’t have to wait around for them to arrive. Certificates are available online the moment learners earn credit and transcripts are immediately updated, eliminating waiting periods and reducing administration for your staff.

Transfer CME/CE transcript and certificate administration to learners


Ensure learners can always access an up-to-date certificate. Their custom, designed-by-you certificate is available whenever they complete an activity.


Avoid manual transcript processing. Learners can access transcripts directly from Rievent, where it’s available to view, download, or print.

Brand-perfect interface

Make Rievent look like you. Learners access documents through a custom-branded Learning Portal with a design that matches your existing website.

Printable Documents

Stop processing requests for physical documents. When learners can print their own certificates and transcripts, you won’t have to manage them anymore.

Confirmation Emails

Automatically send learners a copy of their certificate and/or updated transcript after they complete an activity. They can follow a link to download the most current documents.

Up-to-Date Documents

Always be current. Rievent processes CME/CE credit immediately upon activity completion, so learners’ documents always include the most recent credits earned.

Test Responses and Activity Content

Let learners review responses to test questions and review the content for any completed activities.

Rievent in Action


A Faster Process for Journal CME Means a Better Process

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