Case Study


A Faster Process for Journal CME Means a Better Process

As an electronic periodicals manager at Elsevier, one of Dave Kinnison’s biggest challenges is keeping up with the latest technology. So when it comes to CME, he and his team of 8 Web Producers know how important it is to stay current.

“We want to work with latest, most efficient tools,” Dave said. “Because when you’re managing 500 to 600 journal sites, getting new content and features coded, created, and checked has the potential to become extremely time-consuming.” A time-consuming process, of course, is also a slow process. Slow to create. Slow to deploy. Slow to respond to society’s requests for new functionality. As the world’s leading provider of science and health information Elsevier wasn’t about to let “slow” get in the way of its mission.

A faster alternative for CME

When Elsevier selected the Rievent Platform™ as the online solution for journal-based CME hosted on the Elsevier journals platform, it streamlined its process for preparing and posting new activities to the sites. “That’s the most important benefit we receive from Rievent,” said Dave. “It streamlines the process of getting CME content in front of learners. When Rievent says, ‘minutes to launch,’they’re being accurate. It literally takes minutes to use our production templates to create exams, which is faster than what we used before.”

What they used before was what Dave calls “a dying platform.” It was slow to operate and expensive to maintain. He and his team had to manage CME sites with technology that was years out of date. According to Dave, “The ROI from Rievent is the time it gives you to focus on other things. Rievent boosted our efficiency, which means we can spend less time on CME production and more time brainstorming new ideas and technology. We’re really focused on new development now, and Rievent is a big reason why.”

“Rievent is the perfect platform for what we do.”


Better support for learners

If faster delivery wasn’t enough, Rievent is also there for Elsevier when Dave’s team needs help addressing learner concerns. “Our account manager helps us resolve issues in minutes,” he said. “This is a huge improvement over our old system, which made learners wait days before we could solve their

With the Rievent Platform, Elsevier is meeting its goal of keeping up with – and using – the latest technology. That, along with the application’s speed, ease of use, and support, has created a positive partnership between Dave’s team and Rievent. Here’s what Dave thinks: “Rievent is the perfect platform for what we do.”