Rievent Connect

Rievent Connect makes it easy to add CME or CE activities to your existing content platform or website.

Keep your content platform

Plug CME/CE activities into any online journals or enduring content.

Make your content more valuable

Extend the impact of your existing content by integrating CME/CE.

Give learners the best

Make it easy to complete online CME/CE activities without leaving your website.

Become learners’ #1 CME destination

With Rievent Connect, your CME and CE activities are always available, always easy to access, and never require separate logins or manual document requests. Get ready to become every learner’s go-to platform for online CME and CE.

Say goodbye to separate CME/CE applications

Rievent Connect integrates CME/CE activities with your content. Instead of forcing learners to leave your website or use a separate application, they complete activities inside your current website or content platform.

Upgrade your learner experience

One application. One experience. By adding activities to your current website, there’s absolutely no learning curve for your learners. They can earn CME via the same interface as your content, which simplifies the entire process.

Eliminate tedious administration

Get all the CME/CE management features from our flagship product. From powerful activity publishing tools to comprehensive reports, Rievent Connect automates your most time-consuming administrative tasks.

“With Rievent’s production tool, [our activity creation] process is automated. I can put our courses together more quickly.”

– Lee Ann Kleffman
Neurology® Senior Editorial Associate at the American Academy of Neurology

“[Rievent] streamlines the process of getting CME in front of learners. When they say ‘minutes to launch,’ they’re being accurate.”

– Dave Kinnison
Electronics Periodicals Manager at Elsevier

Administrator Feature Spotlight

Integrates with anything

Use Rievent Connect with any content management system, publishing platform, or website.

Consistent learner experience

Give learners a familiar experience with virtually no learning curve. It’s the same website they already use, now with integrated CME or CE activities.

Avoid multiple CME apps

Nix the separate CME/CE application. Rievent Connect brings CME into your content, so learners don’t have to juggle multiple apps.

Instant activity publishing

Turn any content into an activity upon publication. The activity displays automatically when learners navigate to that content.

Tests, evaluations, and surveys

Add tests and evaluations to any activity. Rievent Connect includes all assessment tools available in Rievent, including automated outcomes surveys.

Certification management

Create and manage all credit types, accredited providers, and certificates for your online activities. Offer MOC credit for any activity and automate your MOC reporting.

Legacy data import

Need to keep the data for your journal or enduring activities? Simply import it into Rievent Connect and avoid maintaining a separate application to analyze it.

Real-time data access

Get up-to-the-minute reporting on your activities. Monitor real-time learner participation and see how they interact with your content.

Automated annual reporting

End manual reporting for your online activities. Rievent Connect automates reporting for ACCME PARS (including MOC), ANCC NARS, and the ACPE’s CPE Monitor.

Standard and custom reports

Analyze valuable data with Rievent Connect’s standard reports library. Use filters to create custom, granular reports based on the metrics you select.

Need even more detail?

Grab a Rievent Connect spec sheet for a comprehensive look at every feature!

Your learners have never had it so good.

With Rievent Connect, learners can finally complete on-demand or journal activities without switching between multiple apps or maintaining separate logins.

Did we mention they also manage their own CME/CE experience?

Learners can access certificates, transcripts, and participation or order history themselves. That way, you’re free to focus on more valuable tasks.

Learner Feature Spotlight

Zero learning curve

Deliver the same content experience your learners know well. The only difference is that there’s a CME activity alongside the content.

One app. One login.

Streamline and simplify CME participation. All learners have to do is log in to your website once. The CME activity is already there.

Access with any device

Give learners options. If learners access your content on a mobile device today, Rievent Connect lets them complete CME activities on that same device.

Automated credit processing

Eliminate waiting periods and manual credit awards. Rievent Connect awards credit to learners as soon as they complete an activity.

Certificates and transcripts

Provide on-demand access to critical documentation. Using Rievent Connect, learners can easily view or download up-to-date certificates and transcripts.

Participation and order history

Make it easy for learners to view completed activities or payments any time they choose.

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Rievent in Action


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