Case Study


Through Seamless CE Integration, Rievent Amplifies the Value of the Silverchair Platform

As a leading online platform for scholarly and professional publishers, Silverchair integrates journals, books, videos, and other content into a single experience. Publishers using Silverchair gain total control over all their materials. Professionals and subscribers get the content they need, when the need it, and how they need it.

So when it comes to complementary ventures such as continuing education (CE), Silverchair is always on the lookout for integration opportunities. According to Marketing Manager, Stephanie Lovegrove, that’s why they created the Silverchair Universe partnership program – to help clients integrate other publishing-related functions with the Silverchair Platform.

“The Universe program encourages clients to consolidate their efforts,” she explained. “Education, for instance, is frequently siloed and handled separately from book and journal content. But it often makes more sense to bring all those things together.”

That’s what led Silverchair to Rievent. Using Rievent Connect, a publisher-focused application for CE activities, Silverchair clients are able to integrate CE with existing content on the Silverchair Platform.

Learners wouldn’t have to juggle multiple technologies. They could access content and complete CE activities in one place.

Becoming a Universe Partner

Not just anybody can be a Silverchair Universe Partner. In addition to providing an adjacent technology, vendors have to hit several quality benchmarks.

“There are technical requirements,” Lovegrove said. “A partner application can’t, for example, slow down the delivery of a page. It’s got to provide a seamless integration.”

A partner application also has to amplify the Silverchair experience rather than being “just” an add-on. Instead, the application needs to improve upon the benefits that publishers and their subscribers already enjoy from the platform. Rievent Connect met both of those criteria by adding value to education providers and professional learners.

As Lovegrove explained, “For the end user, it’s about the experience. With Rievent, learners can complete CE activities on the existing website. At the same time, CE becomes way more trackable for publishers. The reporting capabilities and simplification of administration offers incredible value.”

Integrating CE with online content

For Silverchair clients who want to integrate CE with their content, getting started with Rievent Connect is easy. They can reach out either to Rievent directly or to their Silverchair representative. After that, both organizations work together (and directly with the client, of course) to facilitate the integration.

“When you know you’re ready to streamline CE, that’s when we can start talking about specific needs,” said Lovegrove. “As long as it’s a standard integration, we cover the expense of any needed development on the Silverchair end.”

On the Rievent side, the integration is all about making CE administration easier. If you deliver content on the Silverchair Platform today, Rievent Connect empowers your learners to complete assessments, submit evaluations, and claim credit – all in one place.

“Rievent is amplifying the value of our platform,” Lovegrove said. “They’re helping us keep publishers and subscribers on the cutting edge.”


As Lovegrove explains, “Rievent Connect allows users to earn all of their CE without leaving the client’s site on the Silverchair Platform. Compared to keeping education and content on separate platforms, it’s a simpler and much more intuitive experience.”

In the end, learners enjoy hassle-free CE from a platform they already know. Publishers enjoy streamlined CE administration, including automated reporting tools.

“Rievent is amplifying the value of our platform,” Lovegrove said. “They’re helping us keep publishers and subscribers on the cutting edge.”