Comprehensive Online CME and CE Tools Eliminate Administration and Foster Growth

CME and CE admins gain back lost time and uncover new possibilities for online activities.

At the Zur Institute, Rievent’s administrator tools enabled rapid online CE authoring and publishing, which was a major leap forward from the organization’s proprietary CE application.

For the American Society of Dermatopathology (ASDP), comprehensive administrator tools streamlined CME management for enduring activities and cultivated growth opportunities.


Zur Institute

A pressing need to transition from an unsupported proprietary CE application prompted a search for comprehensive CE software with a minimal learning curve.


With the organization’s existing application, publishing and delivering new CME activities was a tedious, time-consuming process. Once the activities were live, an inflexible interface meant learners had to use a desktop computer to complete them.


Zur Institute

Rievent delivered a mature product that the Zur Institute could depend on. Easy-to-use authoring tools slashed administrative time so that administrators could focus on higher-value tasks.


After transitioning to Rievent, the ASDP expanded the availability of CME to learners, drastically reduced the time required add new activities, and enjoyed support for all types of content required for their enduring activities.


“We can prepare and post online courses easily. It’s those simple advantages that deliver positive ROI and help us move forward.”

“[Rievent] offers a remarkable way to access records and data […] It’s a major help for us and our learners.”

– Dr. Ofer Zur
Director at the Zur Institute

“Now it only takes half as much time to add new activities compared to the old system […] [and] learners have no trouble accessing activities on mobile devices.”

“We’re planning to use Rievent for webinars next. We want to turn all of our lectures into something we can deliver as enduring content.”

– Leah Smith
Executive Director at the American Society of Dermatopathology

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