Case Study

American Society of Dermatopathology

Reduced Administration & Streamlined Learner Experience Make the ASDP More Efficient & Effective

For the American Society of Dermatopathology (ASDP), capturing CME data was complicated and time consuming. Legacy LMS technology made it difficult to track key metrics and generate reports without considerable effort from administrators.

As an ACCME-accredited provider, the ASDP needs to collect data to satisfy annual reporting requirements. In addition, the ASDP provides Maintenance of Certification (MOC) via the American Board of Pathology and the American Board of Dermatology – so they have to capture data for those organizations as well.

“Our LMS could barely handle the data collection requirements,” said Leah Smith, Executive Director at the ASDP. “Even after customizing the system to capture what we needed, it was clunky on the admin side,” she said.

Learners struggled with the system, too. Many said the software was slow. Others simply couldn’t get it to run on mobile devices.

“We recommended that learners complete their exams on a desktop computer. That’s not our paradigm here, but we didn’t have any choice,” Smith said.

Automated data capture and relief for frustrated learners

To make better use of administrative time and improve the online experience for learners, Smith, along with the ASDP’s Director of Education, researched alternative software platforms. Rievent immediately stood out because of their focus on CME and MOC.

“The new system needed to provide reporting for all of our accrediting bodies. We also wanted a vendor who specialized in CME and, in particular, MOC. Rievent checked both of those boxes,” Smith said.

During the vendor selection process, Smith’s team gained access to a Rievent “sandbox” account that allowed them to test the software. By letting the team use Rievent the way administrators and learners use it in the real world – and with the ASDP’s own exams – they could evaluate the experience firsthand. Right away, Smith saw how easy it would be to capture the data needed to generate reports.

“When we realized we wouldn’t have to recreate the data and put it into spreadsheets, that was a game changer,” said Smith. “The software met our needs right out of the box with only minor changes from Rievent,” she said.

The ASDP’s learners would benefit as well. From their tests, it was clear to Smith’s team that learners would be able to complete CME activities and earn MOC credit from any device. They wouldn’t be forced to use a desktop computer.

“Learners wouldn’t have to plan CME around the dates and times they could use a particular device,” Smith said.

“When we realized we wouldn’t have to recreate the data and put it into spreadsheets, that was a game changer.”


Smooth transitions, administrative simplicity, and positive learner feedback

Getting started with Rievent was easy. “They took the reins and answered all of our questions,” Smith said. “It was a smooth process with incredible support from beginning to end.”

At the ASDP, the most distance education consists of learner self-assessments. Learners use case summaries (clinical assessments, typically) and digital images to provide diagnoses. Rievent supported all of the ASDP’s content requirements and delivered a much faster, much simpler, much more accessible experience to learners.

“According to our learners, the new system is very fast and easy to use,” said Smith, adding: “They also have no trouble using it on mobile devices.”

Administrators love using Rievent, too. “Our administrator says it only takes half as much time to add new activities compared to the old system,” Smith said. And data capture? The ASDP benefited from Rievent’s automated reporting features in fewer than two months.

“It’s easy to pull aggregate data and peer comparison reports. There aren’t any spreadsheets or manual calculations involved. We just grab the report and send it to our fellowship training directors, who use it for program accreditation through the ACGME,” said Smith.

Using Rievent has been overwhelmingly positive for the ASDP – so positive, in fact, that Smith is planning to build and deliver an entirely new category of online CME activities for learners. Before Rievent, that wouldn’t have been possible.

“We’re going to use Rievent for webinars next,” Smith said. “We want to turn all of our lectures into something we can deliver as enduring content.”