Case Study

International Anesthesia Research Society

Simplifying CME Management while reducing the cost of reporting

For the International Anesthesia Research Society (IARS), offering CME to members is an integral part of their mission. The association’s Executive Director, Tom Cooper, plays a pivotal role in expanding CME as a member benefit while finding ways to make administration easier for his team.

When IARS started looking for a new CME management application, Tom knew it was time for a serious change. “Our old system made us pull reports from several locations just to inform someone how many credits they earned,” he said. “It was so much harder than it needed to be.” There was something else, too. Not only did IARS need an efficient CME solution, but it needed to have one in place prior to its annual meeting – an event that was just two months away.

An investment in society members

When IARS chose the Rievent Platform™, one long-term goal was to implement a common user interface and experience across all CME programs. They wanted a system that was easy for members to use and also eliminated the laborious process of locating reports. “Rievent really helped us move CME in the right direction,” said Tom. “We can finally access CME credit information immediately when members call asking for it. It’s just so much easier.” And when it came to the implementation, Rievent was able to accommodate Tom’s two month timetable. “We had to deliver CME for our annual meeting, and Rievent was quick to the charge,” he said. “They set the whole meeting up, and they did it all on a tight schedule.”

“We’ve decided to migrate all of our CME to Rievent, which is bringing us closer to our goal of a common platform for all of our programs”


Unparalleled service and support

With any large-scale migration, there’s always the question of service and support. With Rievent, Tom now receives outstanding support, a benefit he says will help the organization achieve all of its goals for CME. Rievent’s great service is part of what makes this a terrific partnership,” he explained. “We’re very optimistic that we’ll accomplish everything we wanted to change about our CME delivery.”

Choosing Rievent gave IARS the ROI it needed, and they’re looking forward to using the platform for enduring materials and their journal. “Rievent has always been extremely responsive,” said Tom. “That’s something we value in a partner.”