Case Study

Zur Institute

Zur Institute Increases Market Share with a CE-focused LMS

At the Zur Institute in Sonoma, California, continuing education (CE) supports and influences every aspect of the organization’s mission. With a focus on mental health professionals, the Institute takes quality and innovation in education very seriously.

“Continuing education is the biggest part of our work,” said Dr. Ofer Zur, Director of the Zur Institute. “And with the shift toward online education, using the best learning management software is a big part of staying competitive.” Staying competitive, however, became more challenging when the Institute lost its senior programmer – the person who built and maintained its proprietary online CE applications from the very beginning.

A mature solution for CE

Now well aware of the risks involved in relying on a single developer, Dr. Zur and his management team needed an effective, reliable solution for CE. “We had a proprietary system without a proprietor,” said Dr. Zur. “There was no way that could work. It was time to find a dedicated group of brilliant people with a mature product we could depend on.” After viewing a demo of Rievent and meeting with the Rievent team, Dr. Zur was impressed with the system, the company’s response, and the level of customer service the Institute received before becoming a customer.

“They had excellent customer references,” he said. “And they offer a remarkable way to access records and data. It was clear from the beginning that Rievent would be a huge help both for us and our learners.”

Better tools mean faster growth

With a mature application for CE authoring and management, Dr. Zur saw growth in the Institute’s future. “Rievent is already making us more efficient,” he said. “We can prepare and post online courses much more easily. It’s those simple advantages that deliver positive ROI and help us move forward.” What’s more, the assurance that Rievent will keep the Institute at the technological edge gives Dr. Zur confidence about his organization’s place in a rapidly evolving CE market. He considers the partnership key to staying competitive. “Rievent is giving us the tools we need to increase market share,” he said. “We’re counting on it.”

“It was clear from the beginning that Rievent would be a huge help both for us and our learners.”