Case Study


How PLICO Ensures High Participation for CME Live Events

At PLICO, a professional liability insurance carrier, continuing medical education (CME) is key to managing risk. “Quality education programs translate into improved patient care,” said Shari Moore, PLICO’s VP of Risk Management, “and better care helps everyone, PLICO included.”

For this reason, PLICO hosts EXPLORE, an annual, credit-bearing CME live event provided by the Oklahoma State Medical Association, for healthcare providers throughout the state of Oklahoma. In exchange for attending the event and completing an evaluation, PLICO’s insured providers not only receive CME credit – they also get a discount on their premiums.

In 2013, determined to abandon PLICO’s cumbersome, paper-based evaluation system, Shari connected with Rievent to implement online evaluations for EXPLORE. The challenge: EXPLORE was only eight weeks away.

Ease of use improves participation

Rievent moved quickly to deliver the evaluation system and train PLICO staff. According to Shari, “the training was easy to follow and extremely effective.” It was just what she and her team needed to understand Rievent and help learners complete their evaluations.

Thanks to Rievent, learners at EXPLORE were able to quickly evaluate sessions using their mobile devices. Others used computer kiosks that PLICO set up for the event. With almost no exceptions, PLICO’s 400+ learner attendees managed to seamlessly complete their evaluations, ensuring CME credit for their attendance and more hard data to inform PLICO’s education programs.

“In past years,” Shari explained, “we depended on learners to keep up with nine pieces of paper so they could submit evaluations after each session. Now it’s so much easier. Participation in 2013 was nearly 100%, a first for learners at EXPLORE.”

 “Now it’s so much easier. Participation in 2013 was nearly 100%, a first for learners at EXPLORE.” 

Moving toward an end-to-end solution

PLICO opted to work with Rievent again for its 2014 EXPLORE event. Shari described the ongoing support as “excellent with quick, consistent resolutions to challenges” – the perfect complement to the training she and her team received the previous year.

After two positive experiences using Rievent for CME live events, Shari is prepared to introduce Rievent to other areas of PLICO’s CME programs. “I see us moving to a seamless, comprehensive application that powers all of the CME we provide to our insureds,” Shari said, “and I know Rievent can help us get there.”