Exploring the latest developments in continuing professional education and LMS technologies.

Does Your CME Management System Have These Flaws?

If your CME management system isn’t exactly new anymore, there’s a good chance it’s not keeping up with your administrative requirements. From clunky interfaces to a total lack of fundamental features, the problems with most CME software are numerous. And when you’ve used the same system for years, you probably don’t know what you’re missing.…

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The Secret to Staying on Top of Changes in CME

In the continuing medical education (CME) world, things are always changing. From ACCME standards to macro-level trends in professional education, the industry is in a constant state of evolution. So, what’s the secret to staying on top of these rapid-fire changes? Adaptation. More specifically, the ability to adapt quickly. Organizations that can adapt quickly are…

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What You Don’t Know About Your CME Software

Imagine if nobody had ever told you about smartphones. There you’d be, drifting about with a flip phone. Since you’d be unaware that everyone around you could access GPS, social media, and email at any time using a device they kept in their pockets, you’d continue using a desktop device – or maybe the Rand…

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How to Adapt Learning Software to Your CME Activities

Managing CME activities might feel a lot like juggling, especially when you provide multiple types of CME. Not only do you have to deliver different activities in different formats; you might use different software to manage those activities. That is, you might think you have to use different types of software. Consider a publisher who…

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5 Ways to Improve Your CME Website

Learners need your CME website to work. More specifically, they need it to deliver the content they need, include all CME activity tasks, and be easy to navigate. But many CME websites fail to deliver on these basic requirements. Maybe they don’t have integrated CME activities. Or maybe they require the learner to juggle multiple…

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MOC Can Help You Boost CME Participation. Here’s How.

If your learners have been asking about Maintenance of Certification (MOC), you’re not alone. According to Graham McMahon, ACCME President and CEO, many CME providers have started offering MOC-eligible activities for one simple reason: clinicians are demanding them. The problem, at least until recently, is that MOC is notoriously cumbersome for learners to obtain. And,…

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