These Tools Turn CME Webinars Into Enduring Activities

In the COVID era, continuing medical education webinars have become a true mainstay. CME providers who already relied on webinars started hosting more of them. And for providers who had never considered virtual CME before, webinars quickly became a go-to format for delivering valuable content to learners.

But what if webinars weren’t just a one-and-done exercise?

What if you could take your recorded webinars, convert them into enduring CME activities, and deliver the new activities to learners on demand?

Easily. Quickly. Minimal time or effort involved.

There is an easy way to do it. But most CME software makes it difficult.

Broadly speaking, most LMS software used for CME doesn’t have a simple way to turn a CME webinar into an enduring activity. Making it happen might be a tedious affair — think taking the content and “hacking it in” as an enduring activity using some roundabout method.

At worst, the webinar-to-enduring transition won’t be possible at all without forcing learners to use a separate system for webinars and for enduring CME.

The way we see it, this is a problem that simply shouldn’t exist. You put a lot of time and energy into creating the webinar and making it into a CME activity. You shouldn’t have to recreate the whole activity using some bizarre and clunky method just because your CME software wasn’t up for the task.

After all, what we’re talking about isn’t all that wild: reclassifying a CME activity and making it available to learners. There’s no need for something like this — something practically every CME provider desperately needs nowadays — to be an onerous undertaking.

Here’s how to easily turn any webinar into enduring CME

First things first. The best way to convert any recorded webinar into an enduring CME activity is to use Rievent. Since the system was designed specifically for CME, adding webinars as enduring/on-demand activities is native functionality.

In other words, Rievent can do it right out of the box.

The process is really simple. Using Rievent’s Administrator Portal, all you have to do is:

That’s really it! After the activity goes live, learners can access it right away using the built-in CE activity catalog in the application’s learner interface.

There’s no need to manually collect data for these new enduring activities

Just like with webinar CME and all other activities, Rievent collects and assembles all the data you’ll need to submit to PARS, NARS, and/or the ACPE. You won’t have to create those reports yourself. It’s already done, both for the live CME webinar you hosted and the enduring activity you built from the webinar recording.

Essentially, all you’re doing after you host the live webinar is uploading a recording and adding some test questions. The rest is taken care of.

So if you’re still wrestling with your CME system to try and turn webinars into enduring CME…

You can stop! CME providers have really specific needs with regard to technology, and general purpose LMS software often fails to handle what ought to be the simplest tasks.

Turning one type of CME into another type is one of those tasks. There’s no reason it needs to be hard. With Rievent, it isn’t.

Instead of blowing a whole afternoon (or a week?) trying to turn a webinar into online CME, you can get it done in just a few minutes. As a busy CME administrator, we think you deserve that kind of reprieve.

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