ACCME PARS Reporting Made Easy

The Rievent Platform makes ACCME’s PARS reporting simple and automated.

How do you generate ACCME PARS reports today? If you’re like many CME providers, assembling PARS reports is a laborious task.

It might even be a laborious last minute task.

The Rievent Platform makes ACCME PARS reporting easy.

As learners complete activities, Rievent records all of the metrics required by PARS. You don’t have to lift a finger.

When it’s time to submit your PARS reports to the ACCME, all you have to do is log into Rievent and download the PARS XML file. You can export a single activity to PARS or a group of activities.

Upload that same file to the ACCME PARS website, and you’re set!

Here’s what we track

By collecting all necessary PARS data throughout the year, Rievent makes it easy to generate and submit PARS reports by the deadline. Specifically, Rievent tracks and reports on metrics like:

  • ACCME activity type
  • Sponsorship type
  • Hours of instruction
  • Commercial support
  • Advertising and exhibit income
  • Expenses
  • Activity design characteristics, such as:
    • Change in competence
    • Change in performance
    • Patient outcomes

It’s a practically effortless alternative to manual ACCME PARS data collation.

And it’s available to all CME providers using the Rievent Platform.

ACCME PARS reporting doesn't have to be an annual headache. With the right tools, it can be simple. To learn more about PARS reporting in the Rievent Platform, contact us today!

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