The Learning Management System for Continuing Education

Integrate every aspect of continuing professional education – from activity content to learner data and beyond. The Rievent Platform is an end-to-end learning management system built just for CE providers and learners.

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Rievent Platform Features

Cloud-Based Web Application

Simply log in and start using the Rievent Platform – no downloads, plugins, or installation required.

Dynamic Learning Portal

A one-stop shop for learners that includes a full featured CE Catalog, Events Calendar, and MyCE page.

Consistent Design and Branding

Provide a learner experience that resembles your branded website. Rievent integrates your existing design, so it never feels like a separate system.

Support for All Professions

Manage and deliver continuing professional education activities for any profession, including medical, legal, accounting, and financial professions.

Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Support

Create and deliver MOC points using Rievent’s Certification Management Tool. Learners can claim MOC points for any qualifying activities.

Automated MOC Fulfillment

When a learner requests MOC credit, a real-time web service integration with the ACCME automatically transmits and verifies MOC points with the associated medical board.

Single-Sign On Support

Already using your own login and authentication system? Rievent can integrate with your existing single sign on system so your learners can continue using their same credentials.

eCommerce Support

Learners register and pay straight from the Rievent Platform. Add discount codes, token packages, course packages, and pricing by participant type.

Legacy Data Import

Add existing learner and activity data to the Rievent Platform and run reports on past performance.

24/7 Website, Application, and Server Monitoring

The Rievent Platform runs on state-of-the-art, cloud-based equipment for maximum uptime.

Download Product Specs PDF

Administrative Features

Unlimited Administrative Accounts

Add as many administrators as you need to best serve your organization and your learners.

Role-Based Administrative Access

Add administrators with custom roles and granular permissions – great for providing complete access to some users and limited access to others.

Self Service Data Importer

Upload learner profiles and participation data, including registration, completion, and credit data.

Certification Management Tool

Create and manage all credit types, accredited providers, and certificates. The Certification Management Tool includes support for Maintenance of Certification (MOC).

Learner Account Access

View any learner's activity history or data with just a few clicks. You can also merge learner accounts, resend purchase receipts, edit profiles, and print transcripts.

Data Entry Support

While the Rievent Platform keeps manual operations to an absolute minimum, you can always add activity data on demand.

Document Storage

Need to upload activity-related documentation? You can store all of it inside the Rievent Platform.

Online Ticketing and Support Portal

Resources include how-to guides, instructional videos, frequently asked questions and more.

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Learner Features

Mobile-Responsive Design

Learners access the Rievent Platform from any device and enjoy the same seamless experience. Smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops – whatever works best.

Searchable CE Catalog and Events Calendar

It’s easy to browse and select activities with the CE Catalog and Events Calendar. Learners filter search results to identify the most relevant activities.

MyCE Page

Complete access to learning history, certificates, and transcripts means learners won’t have to ask for those things. It’s all available in Rievent.

Print Custom Transcripts

When learners need transcripts, they can access and print them themselves.

Order History

Learners can view or print their order history and receipts based on eCommerce activity in Rievent.

Data for Completed Activities

Any time learners want to review test scores or content for completed activities, they simply log in and access it on demand.

Profile Access

Learners can update their own profile data, modify contact information, and reset their own passwords.

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Activity Creation

Production Templates

Powerful tools enable creation and publishing of any activities – no programming skills required.

Tests and Evaluations

Add pre-tests, pre-surveys, post-tests, post-activity evaluations/surveys, and follow-up outcomes surveys to any activity.

Question Types

Add multiple choice, rating, drop-down, text entry, numeric input, date input, and currency input question types. Rievent also supports test hints and rationales.

Peer Response Comparison

Enable learners to see how their evaluation responses compare to the responses of peers.

Multiple Choice Parser

Easily copy and paste a group of multiple choice or true/false questions.

Easy-to-Use Authoring Tools

An intuitive interface makes it simple to add formatting, images, tables, and links to evaluations, tests, and overview pages. An optional source code view allows you to HTML customizations.

Drag and Drop File Uploader

Upload and host content in common learning file formats, like MP4 video, PDF, and SCORM.

Video and Image Support

Embed videos into your activities or include images in your evaluations. The Rievent Platform supports image display and basic editing across standard formats like PNG, JPG, GIF, and TIFF.

Credit Types and Accredited Providers

Add one or multiple credit types when you create an activity. Rievent also supports all ACCME-collaborating medical boards for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit.

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Real-Time Data Access

Watch learner actions unfold in real time. With Rievent Platform reporting, you can view up-to-the-minute data for ongoing activities.

Standard Reports Library

Extensive reports include detailed metrics for participation, tests, and evaluations.

ACCME-Compliant Reporting

Automatically generate ACCME PARS reports and export them to XML format. You’re ready to upload the file directly into PARS.

Dedicated ACCME PARS Interface

The Rievent Platform automatically tracks and maintains data related to PARS so you don't have to. However, a dedicated PARS page allows you to add other data like financials, activity design characteristics, and learning competencies.

Detailed Financial Reports

Generate reports on product purchases, discount codes, and purchases by participant type.

Flexible Filtering Tools

Create custom, exportable reports using multiple dynamic criteria.

Individual or Aggregate Reporting

View reports for a single activity or multiple activities in aggregate. Aggregate viewing helps you compare performance across activities.

Spreadsheet Exports

Need to save or forward your reports as spreadsheets? You can export any report to CSV format with just a few clicks.

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CE Activity Types

Online Enduring Materials

Create enduring activities with a full range of options for credit, surveys, tests, outcomes, and more.

Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS)

Automate attendance and credit for all of your RSS. Learners enter a five-letter code to verify session attendance and claim activity credit. Transcripts are automatically updated.


Upload any journal content or link out to journal articles anywhere on the Web.


Configured to work with any webinar vendor (WebEx, GoToWebinar, etc), process requests for credit following live webinars, or for webinars you publish as enduring content.

Manuscript Review

Automatically award credit to professional reviewers without the administrative hassle. Reviewers receive certificates via email.

Live Events

The Rievent Platform supports registration and credit requests for single-day, multi-day, and multi-session events at a single location or multiple locations.

Live Event Options Include:

Date-based price changes, early registration discounts, walk-in registration, printable sign-in sheets, printable name badges, printable address labels, pre-event reminder emails, post-event CE emails, automated outcomes surveys.

Download Product Specs PDF