Transform your learner experience with Rievent Connect

Plug CE activities directly into your content. Rievent Connect makes it easy for learners to earn CE credit right from your existing website.

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Works with your content management system, publishing platform, or website

Already providing CE content? Rievent Connect plugs right in.

Learners complete activities and earn credit from your current website. They don’t have to leave or log into a separate application.

Keep what you’ve got. Make it more valuable.

You’ve already invested in a brilliant content experience for your learners. With Rievent Connect, you get to keep it.

Even better, you extend the usefulness of that experience by integrating CE activities.

Integrated from top to bottom

And totally seamless! Learners access content the same way they always do. As they view that content, Rievent Connect guides them through the process of completing an activity.

By the time they’re done, they’ve completed a post-test and claimed CE credit.

A complete CE experience for your learners

Rievent Connect covers the entire CE experience, including:

  • Completing post-tests and surveys
  • Requesting and receiving credit
  • Automated CE confirmation emails
  • Viewing and printing certificates or transcripts
  • Accessing CE activity history

It’s easy for learners to manage those tasks themselves, so you don’t have to.

Easy for administrators, too.

After publishing your CE content, make it a CE activity with Rievent Connect’s easy-to-use tools. That’s it! The activity displays automatically for your learners.

Generate on-demand reports to view granular learner and participation data for all your CE activities.

Your learners never had it so good

Now your learners can start earning CE credits without learning to use a new software platform. It’s the same online experience they know – Rievent Connect just makes it better.

If you’re ready for seamless CE activity integration that lets you preserve your existing content experience, look no further. Contact us today to get started!

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