This Tool Makes ANCC NARS Reporting Easy

ANCC NARS upload

Meeting accreditation requirements is important, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a hassle. For providers of Continuing Nursing Education (CNE), assembling annual reports for the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) can be a time consuming, stressful endeavor – especially when that April 1st due date is rapidly approaching.

But you know what? Creating and submitting those annual ANCC reports doesn’t have to be hard.

The latest Rievent update includes support for the ANCC’s Nursing Activity Reporting System (NARS). Basically, our software produces the NARS report so you don’t have to.

Annual reporting is a major undertaking for continuing education providers.

At Rievent, we’ve long understood how tedious it can be to produce annual reports for accreditation bodies. Over a decade ago, we pioneered ACCME PARS report automation for continuing medical education (CME) providers. Our team quickly saw how that feature freed providers from hours of locating, organizing, and formatting data.

Instead of spending several afternoons (or several days) trying to assemble PARS reports prior to the deadline, it’s much easier for CME providers to:

  1. Let Rievent collect all the required data throughout the year
  2. Generate a comprehensive report in Rievent just one time
  3. Download the report directly from Rievent
  4. Upload the report to the ACCME PARS website

All of this takes about five minutes. Not five hours. Not five days. Not five… well, you get the picture.

With our latest release, we’ve extended these benefits to CNE providers. Now you can reduce NARS reporting to simple, five-minute exercise and be done.

Here’s how automated NARS reporting works

The automation takes place within Rievent. If you’re used to studying the ANCC’s annual reporting requirements and PDF user manual to make sure you’ve dotted every “i” and crossed every “t,” that’s all gone. Rievent does that part for you.

As learners complete CNE activities throughout the year, Rievent collects all of the data required by NARS. When you’re ready to download a report for a given year, just log into Rievent and download it. The report is already formatted for uploading to the ANCC website.

The process works exactly like the PARS reports described above, and it only takes a few minutes to complete.

Rievent now supports reporting for every major CE accrediting body

With the addition of automated CNE credit reporting, Rievent now supports all of the following types of reports:

  1. ACCME PARS reports for CME providers
  2. ANCC NARS reports for CNE providers
  3. ACPE-CPE Monitor reports for CPE providers

While Rievent’s tools for ACCME PARS and ANCC NARS work very similarly, reports for the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy (ACPE) follow a different process. For these reports, Rievent connects to a real-time web service that relays credit data directly to the ACPE’s reporting system, CPE Monitor. Providers of CPE don’t have to prepare a batch file, login to CPE Monitor, or upload anything at all! It just works.

It’s all part of our commitment to reducing administrative tedium for continuing education providers. You’ve got enough to do already. You shouldn’t have to generate long and complicated data sets for the ANCC and cross your fingers that you didn’t make a mistake.

With Rievent, you’ll know the reports are done – and that they’re done right.