Rievent Partners With Silverchair to Simplify the CE Experience for Learners

At Rievent, we’re always looking for ways to improve online continuing education (CE). In addition to software enhancements designed to deliver a better, more intuitive CE experience, we also help learners and providers by integrating with the technologies they depend on.

Publishing platforms, in particular, can lend themselves to advantageous integrations with Rievent. That’s been especially true since we launched Rievent Connect in 2017.

Rievent Connect is a plug-in version of Rievent that allows publishers to add CE activities to any content on their existing website. There’s no handoff to a separate application. Learners simply log in to a publisher’s website the same way they already do. There, the CE activity is already present alongside the relevant content.

It’s a seamless way to bring CE activities into a learner’s content experience.

Joining the Silverchair Universe

silverchair logoAs a leading hosting platform for publishers, the Silverchair Platform brings all types of scholarly content, including books, journals, and videos, into a single experience that’s easy for users to consume.

Given their focus on seamless user experiences, Silverchair understands the positive impact of integrating different technologies. Instead of having a learner read a book excerpt on one website and a journal article on a different website as part of a continuing education activity, why not allow that learner to read all of the content from a single website?

For that matter, why not let the learner complete the CE activity from that same website as well?

That’s what led Silverchair to Rievent. After learning about us through a mutual client, Silverchair recognized that our tools for CE learners could amplify the value of the Silverchair Platform for publishers engaged in providing integrated educational content.

Ultimately, Silverchair invited Rievent to join the Silverchair Universe Partner program, a partnership network between Silverchair and software vendors with complementary technologies. Through seamless, straightforward integration with Rievent Connect, Silverchair’s publishers can offer CE activities alongside their existing content. The integration particularly benefits publishers who currently use separate applications for continuing education.

As for learners, whose experience always matters, Rievent Connect puts CE activities at their fingertips. It means that they don’t have to juggle multiple technologies just to earn CE credit.

Silverchair Universe Partner requirements

Besides just having a complementary technology, qualifications for Silverchair’s program meant that Rievent had to:

We’re proud to confirm that Rievent Connect hit all of those benchmarks! As a newly minted Silverchair Universe Partner, Rievent offers a reliable, effective CE integration option to publishers who also provide continuing education to their subscribers.

If you are a Silverchair client and want to get started, all you have to do is reach out to your Silverchair representative or directly to us.

All publishers can benefit from Rievent Connect

While Silverchair integration is definitely one of the most exciting bits of news here at Rievent, you don’t have to be a Silverchair client to benefit from Rievent Connect. If your organization publishes scholarly or professional content and provides continuing education, you can use Rievent Connect to:

It’s a software platform designed to eliminate the inefficiencies, glitches, and inconveniences endemic to online continuing education for professionals. And you don’t have to change anything about the way you publish content today.