A New and Valuable Way to Use Rievent Connect

Rievent Connect

In the world of continuing education (CE) software, flexibility counts for a lot. When we launched Rievent Connect back in 2016, that’s exactly what we were trying to deliver: a flexible option for online activities that streamlined everything for CE learners and providers.

Three years on, Rievent Connect is doing what we designed it to do. Providers use it to extend the flexibility of their existing content. At the same time, learners enjoy the flexibility of earning CE credit without toggling between multiple applications.

But there’s something else CE providers can do with Rievent Connect – something that extends the application’s flexibility even further.

Hybrid implementations cover all types of CE activities.

Imagine you’re a membership society that publishes a journal. CE learners already access your journal online, and you want to preserve your existing system for delivering journal content.

At the same time, you either offer (or want to offer) enduring activities and don’t currently have a viable system for delivering that type of content. Or maybe you have a quarterly meeting for which members can receive CE credit, and you need a way to manage live CE. Oh, and you want to manage your data for all types of CE from a single application, not multiple apps with clunky integrations.

For situations like these, Rievent Connect and Rievent can work together to handle all your CE management.

Rievent, of course, is our flagship product. It’s a comprehensive, standalone continuing education LMS that supports every kind of activity, including online activities (journals and enduring materials) and offline ones (single-session or multi-session live meetings). The thing is, many education providers seeking a true CE-centric LMS also want to keep their current web portal or content interface.

These providers want to use Rievent, but they’re invested in their existing content experience – an experience their learners are already familiar with.

When those providers also offer live meetings or another kind of CE, a hybrid implementation might make sense. Here’s why:

These hybrid Rievent-Rievent Connect implementations solve many problems for CE providers who offer different kinds of activities. They really are a “have your cake and eat it too” option for continuing education management.

In the end, there’s always a way.

That’s the big takeaway here. No matter how you deliver CE activities or what kind of activities you offer, Rievent and/or Rievent Connect can flex to meet your objectives.

You also get all of Rievent’s administrative and reporting features with either implementation option. And with a single application for all your CE, you’ll have all your CE data in one place.

No matter how you proceed with Rievent or Rievent Connect, you always gain access to the same activity creation, credit management, and eCommerce tools no matter what. There’s always a way to make your CE software support the kinds of activities you deliver.