Automate Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS) Management

Streamline your RSS and gain back countless hours lost to CME administration.



Your professional staff depends on Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS) and other live events to earn CME credit, but managing those programs can be incredibly inefficient.

Paper attendance records, manual spreadsheet collection, inconsistent communication among departments – these issues increase the time it takes to set up Regularly Scheduled Series and award credit. 

The Rievent Platform eliminates those problems with one integrated solution.

No more manual data entry. No more waiting for attendance and credit to process. Instead, you get total automation of all activity management.

With powerful online tools for planning and managing Regularly Scheduled Series, you can streamline administration and deliver a seamless experience to learners. Rievent enables you to:

  • Automate RSS attendance and credit: Forget about post-meeting manual data entry. Learners receive a code at the end of every session. They simply log in, enter the code, and they’re done. Attendance verified. Credit received. 
  • Reach learners on any device: Our mobile-responsive interface makes it easy for learners to participate. They’re already equipped with everything they need – a mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer. When the session concludes, provide the code and your job is done!
  • Improve RSS with optional evaluations: Rievent lets learners submit an evaluation immediately following each session. They can also complete the evaluation later, from the convenience of their home or office. Use learner evaluations to plan future sessions and improve your CME.
  • Plan ahead: Now you can set up a RSS before confirming actual session titles. Just create the series in Rievent and add titles later.

For 17 years, Rievent has helped CME providers save time and improve education programs through powerful online tools. As hospitals embrace technology and automation, there’s never been a better time to transform how you manage RSS.

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