What is the Rievent Platform?

See how Rievent’s cloud-based platform helps you build, deliver, and manage continuing education activities. You’ll learn about our powerful reporting tools, too.

The Rievent Platform is the best solution available for managing and deploying continuing education activities delivered with a simple browser-based interface. Best of all, the platform is delivered to you via the Cloud. There is no software or hardware to install, and you benefit from all upgrades.

Let’s take a look at some of the main features of the Rievent Platform.

To get started, you log in to your Rievent Platform Admin Dashboard account. From here, create and manage all your continuing education activities including live, enduring, and performance improvement CME. All in one place!

When you log in, a summary of your activities is presented for a quick status snapshot. You can work with a single activity or all your activities together in aggregate. Powerful.

Role and permission-based access control allows you to set the level of access for your colleagues and stakeholders including which tabs appear at the top, and how much data they can view.

The Programs tab is a convenient way to view the status of all your programs and provides useful statistics at a glance. For example, you can easily sort the columns to see your most active programs.

The Reports tab works two ways. You can view reports across all your activities to analyze and view aggregate data shared between them, or choose a single activity. Let’s select an enduring activity as an example and take a look.

Looking at a specific program, the Reports Tab displays a large number of powerful reports specific to this program including demographics, survey, and test results. The reports start high level and allow for drill down providing all the details. The Rievent Platform captures participation data in great detail and displays visually compelling reports. Powerful tools allow you to analyze and report on your data supporting tasks like needs assessment, reaccreditation, ACCME’s PARS uploads, and outcomes analysis.

Comprehensive Filters help you analyze and find value in your data. Filters may be simple, like “show only pediatricians”, or sophisticated like “show me an outcomes analysis report for only those physicians who selected a specific choice to a question from another activity if they completed this activity before last week”. Whew, you get the idea.

On the Production Tab, you can easily create new activities from templates in minutes. The user interface is so easy and sophisticated. You just follow the steps and press finish. Attendees are ready to participate.

In addition to enduring material CME, a full-featured registration system for live multi-location events takes your attendee from registration to outcomes. You manage the events, speakers, and venues in the interface and the system manages attendee registration, waiting lists, pre-program surveys, reminder and confirmation emails, requests for credit, and issuing certificates, and more.