Reporting and Analytics

Discover how Rievent’s powerful reporting tools deliver rich, detailed data across for all your activities. With on-demand reports and extensive filtering, you can view every imaginable credit and participation-related metric.

The Rievent Platform is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, and advanced reporting system available for continuing education.  The user-friendly interface provides on-demand access to an extensive list of interactive real-time reports and analysis tools.   You can view and analyze reported data shared between all of your activities, or you have the option to choose a single activity’s reports.  

Let’s take a look at this activity’s test results.  The test response report provides detailed, question-based reporting of all participants’ responses.  Additionally, each answer choice may be opened to see the associated participants’ profile information.  This report is also available for each survey and evaluation in the activity.  

When it comes to credit reporting, the Rievent Platform makes it easy.  The interactive credit report allows you to easily view credit totals by the credit type awarded.  Hovering the mouse over the bars in the histogram shows you exactly how many people selected each credit type. 

I wonder which profession and specialty were most interested in this activity?   Looking at the charts for the Program Activity by Profession and Program Activity by Specialty reports, we can quickly answer these questions. Now let’s move over to the ACCME Reports tab.

Because ACCME PARS reporting is automatically managed throughout the year from the Rievent Platform, a PARS-ready download takes only a couple of clicks. Just select the reporting year, click export, and a PARS XML file is ready for upload to the ACCME PARS system.

The Rievent Platform also makes it easy for you download all of your program data in a single file.  With just one click from the download tab, you can quickly export complete program data in a Comma Separated Value spreadsheet format.  This export includes each participant’s demographics, along with their survey and test results for the selected activity.    

But that’s not all, the Rievent Platform allows you take your reports to the next level using filters.  Create powerful and comprehensive filters to analyze and find value in your data.  Use simple filters like “show only pediatricians” or create filters using more advanced logic.  Once applied, the filter spans across all reports, so you don’t have to reapply it each time you want to view a new report.