Automate ACCME PARS Reports

What if your CME software prepared ACCME PARS reports automatically? Well, that’s exactly what you get with the Rievent Platform, and this video shows you how it works.

The Rievent Platform makes ACCME’s PARS reporting simple and automated.

Rievent supports the ACCME’s mission to certify that continuing medical education accredited providers meet the ACCME’s standards for providing quality independent continuing medical education.  Rievent has added PARS features to make tracking and reporting on PARS data an integral and seamless part of the Rievent Platform.

Most of the information required by PARS is already being tracked within the Rievent Platform.  When activities are created, information related to accreditation is entered and maintained in the Rievent Platform database.  Detailed participation data is tracked and maintained as attendees participate in activities.  An ACCME PARS interface in the Rievent Platform makes entering additional supplemental information including financial information simple.  The Rievent Platform tracks details like ACCME Activity Type, sponsorship type, hours of instruction, commercial support, advertising and exhibit income, expenses, and activity design characteristics such as change in competence, performance, and change in patient outcomes.

Accredited providers will benefit from the Rievent Platform’s reporting system, which features reports related to an accredited provider’s ACCME data, in addition to existing and full-featured Rievent Platform reporting and analytics.

When you are ready to upload your data to PARS, simply access the ACCME Reports menu and select PARS Program Export.  A PARS XML formatted file is downloaded and ready to upload to the ACCME’s PARS system.  You can export a single activity to PARS or a group of activities giving you the flexibility to manage your PARS uploads.  It’s that simple.

More information about ACCME PARS and educational resources are available on the ACCME website.  

Rievent is committed to supporting the CME community, ACCME, and its accredited providers in their mission to improve, measure, and modernize CME resulting in improving outcomes and medical care for patients.