The “Why” and “How” Behind Continuing Professional Education Webinars

Compared to years past, more continuing professional education providers are using webinars to engage their learners. As professionals increasingly demand continuing education (CE) activities that they can complete on their own time or without having to travel long distances, it’s little wonder that webinars are growing in popularity.

Let’s consider some of the ways webinars help you provide an empowering CE experience that increases participation and engagement among learners. We’ll also look at what it takes to get started with webinars, including step-by-step planning and technology considerations.

Why CE providers are turning to webinars

A webinar can expand your ability to deliver valuable CE activities. If you already offer enduring content or host live meetings, adding webinars to your CE toolkit allows you to provide many of the same benefits of those existing activities, all wrapped up in a single, flexible format.

Here are some reasons to start producing CE webinars:

How to get started with CE webinars

It’s easier than ever to start producing webinars for CE learners. Aside from creating the content for a webinar activity, much of the process revolves around understanding the technologies you will use to deliver the webinar, register attendees, award credit, and publish enduring content.

Here’s how to plan and deliver a CE webinar:

Every provider will require a slightly different approach, but following these basic steps should enable you to create, host, and repurpose webinars for CE learners. And with so many great reasons to incorporate webinars into your activity catalog, there’s never been a better time to get started.