One Big Thing CME Learners Can’t Stand

Isn’t it annoying when you can’t find an important form?

Maybe you need the form for your taxes or your doctor. Or perhaps it’s something your employer requested. Whatever the case, it’s not much fun to sift through file cabinets for hours or enlist resentful family members on behalf of the cause. It’s all so… tedious.

And you know what? Learners feel the same way when they can’t access critical CME documents, such as certificates and transcripts.

In fact, they can hardly stand it.

Most of us are used to getting everything online

By now, pretty much everyone is accustomed to accessing important documentation over the web. Few of us receive credit card statements or utility bills via paper mail anymore; and when we do, we toss them straight into the shredder and pay the bill online.

So imagine how learners feel when they can’t get a simple document — a CME certificate, say — through your online web interface.

A seemingly quotidian task suddenly becomes an untenable rigamarole, complete with calls to CME administrators, manual processing of the document, and possibly even a waiting period if you still send certificates via post. It’s an outdated way of doing things.

If that’s still how you process documents today (and to be sure, you’re far from alone), there is a better way. Learners can get the CME documents they need over the web. And yes, those documents can always be up-to-date.

You just need the right kind of CME software.

Let learners manage their own CME documentation

Just as they do with bank statements and medical documents, your learners are fully capable of managing their own CME files. Ensuring they get those files means giving them a CME system that:

Otherwise, they’re stuck waiting around for recently completed activities to appear on their transcripts and for someone to manually process their documents.

With Rievent, it’s really easy to make this happen. After customizing a CME certificate template that standardizes certificates for all learners, individual learner certificates are automatically populated with up-to-date CME credits when learners complete activities.

In other words, a learner can finish an activity and print an up-to-date certificate that includes the newly earned credits in a matter of seconds. The same is true for CME transcripts and, if they want them, their test scores for any activity.

After setting up the activities and certificates in Rievent, CME administrators don’t have to do anything to make this happen. With fewer emails to answer, requests to fulfill, and phone calls to manage, administrators have a lot more time for high-value CME tasks.

Your learners love being treated this way

We know it seems simple. Just let your CME learners download professional documents the same way everyone already does in the consumer sphere. It is simple, but many CME providers still aren’t doing it.

By giving your learners these options, you’re letting them know you care about their time and their CME experience. It shows that you value them and that you trust them to take care of these things on their own. Through the removal of a burdensome barrier, you can also give learners a positive feeling about your brand.

That’s good for everybody. Not just for learners. But for administrators, too.

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