New Video Shows How Rievent Platform Reporting Makes CE Smarter


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Accessing valuable, usable data remains a major hurdle for many continuing professional education (CE) providers. Some providers still prepare reports manually, and others rely on software with limited data collection or reporting capabilities.

While those methods might address some data-related issues, we’ve yet to encounter an organization that didn’t want more reporting automation – especially when automated reporting helps them address administrative challenges like:

As a CE-specific learning management system (LMS), the Rievent Platform automates all of those operations. Our newest video shows you how it all works:


In addition to the capabilities described in the video, we just enhanced four reports with new graphs and charts:

These updated reports, in addition to all the other standard reports, are available on-demand to all CE providers using the Rievent Platform. As with all of our reporting, you can also drill down into the data using filters and advanced logic to extract extremely specific insights about individual learners or groups of learners.

The primary takeaway is that accessing valuable intelligence about CE activity performance and learner participation doesn’t have to be hard. Technology takes care of the data collection part. The only thing left for you to do is draw on that data to make business decisions and enhance your CE programs.

In our experience, that’s what CE providers have wanted to do all along: not spend time collecting data, but using the data to deliver the best experience to learners.

Automated reporting helps you get there.