New in Rievent: Support for Manuscript Review CME

If you’re a publisher that awards continuing medical education (CME) credits, we think you’ll be excited about our latest platform enhancement. We just added support for Manuscript Review CME, a type of CME that used to require substantial manual data entry on the part of administrators.

Using the Rievent Platform, you can automate your Manuscript Review CME fulfillment and reporting responsibilities. Just enter a reviewer’s information into the application. The rest of the process unfolds automatically.

Here’s how Rievent streamlines Manuscript Review CME

Most publishers that award credit for Manuscript Review CME follow a process similar to this one:

After receiving a request for credit, you record a reviewer’s information somewhere. Maybe it’s in a spreadsheet. Maybe it’s in a Word file. At some point – often at the end of the year – you access the information from every reviewer, fulfill the credit request, prepare and mail a certificate, and assemble all of the necessary data for PARS reporting.

That’s a lot of administration just to award credit to professional reviewers! Using the Rievent Platform’s Manuscript Review CME processing features, the process looks more like this:

Other than entering each reviewer’s information into the Rievent Platform, you barely have to lift a finger. We’ve made it so that all you have to do is add reviewers’ information once a quarter, once a year, or on a revolving basis. After that, you’re done! Manuscript Review CME also connects to all of our backend reporting features, so you can pull reports on all past participation and credit requests.

We think Manuscript Review CME support aligns perfectly with our mission to simplify and streamline administration for continuing professional education providers. If you spend lots of time organizing and processing Manuscript Review CME credits, your workload just got a whole lot lighter!