New! Automate Attendance and Credit for Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS)

At Rievent, we’re extending our continuing education management and delivery tools to the hospital market. Earlier this month, we released a solution that automates administration of Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS), and we’re confident that it will solve a major problem for hospital CME administrators and coordinators – the slow, paper-based management of RSS activities.

Before we talk about the new release, let’s take a look at how most hospitals handle RSS today: CME administrators schedule a session and learners show up when it begins. Learners sign in on a sheet of paper. After the session, coordinators take the sign-in sheet and manually enter data for each learner. Then they send it to the CME department for final processing.

CME administrators and coordinators are doing this for every single session. Needless to say, all of these tasks take time and are prone to processing errors.

To address the problem, we developed tools that automate the entire procedure:

We’ve also added optional session evaluations, so you can collect learner feedback and improve future RSS. When you enable this feature, learners are greeted with an evaluation screen upon entering their attendance code. They can complete the evaluation immediately following the session (or at a later, more convenient time) and receive credit.

As with all Rievent CE activity types, mobile-responsive design ensures your learners can enter the attendance code on whatever device they bring to the session. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops… Rievent is easy to use on any device!

Ready to learn more about our new RSS management tools? Contact us to discuss how your hospital handles RSS today (and what you’d like to change about it).