AHC Media Adapts to a Changing CME Landscape, Thanks to Rievent


On this blog, we often discuss how a great online continuing education experience empowers learners. It’s one of the biggest improvements the Rievent Platform promises to continuing education administrators – giving learners more control over education.

As we explore in our latest case study, it’s also something that completely transformed how AHC Media does business.

We recently sat down with David Fournier, CEO and Publisher at AHC Media, a continuing medical education (CME) company that produces around 1,400 CME activity hours annually. As David explained to us, AHC Media’s business model changed significantly in the last four years. The company has grown, and in a major way.

Not coincidentally, the Rievent Platform was an integral part of that growth.

Technology helps AHC Media scale and adapt

After taking the helm at AHC Media in 2012, David realized the company needed to invest in an effective learning management system (LMS) to achieve its institutional goals. The company’s existing solution couldn’t generate credit letters for different types of CME accreditation. It also didn’t effectively support all of AHC Media’s CME activities across clinical specialties.

With Rievent, AHC Media quickly solved those problems. The software also helped the company scale and adapt to a changing CME landscape.

According to David, the ability to integrate Rievent with AHC Media’s publishing system simplified internal administration tremendously. Integration with the company’s website also improved the learner experience, making it easy for learners to log in and complete CME activities.

In addition to those achievements, the Rievent Platform helped AHC Media:

For AHC Media, the positive ROI from a fully integrated LMS for CME wasn’t just significant – it was transformative.

Read the complete case study

To get all the details about AHC Media’s transformation, check out the complete case study! You’ll get a taste of the many ways Rievent helps continuing education administrators and learners.

Who knows? You might even get some ideas for deploying LMS technologies at your own organization.