Manage Credit Types and Certification

Use one simple tool for all of your credit and certification management. The Rievent Platform streamlines certificate creation and supports all credit types and accredited providers.

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Certification management, simplified

Rievent’s Certification Management Tool (CMT) makes it easy to create and manage credit options, accredited providers, and certificates – all in one place.

Add accredited providers and credit options

With the CMT, it’s easy to add accredited providers, certificates, and credit details. Simply enter the name of the accredited provider, add the certificate and credit information, and you’re set.

Build your own certificates

Using Rievent’s Certification Management Tool, you can build your own certificates from scratch. Not sure how your certificates should look? Start with one of our default templates and customize it to meet your needs.

Maintenance of Certification (MOC) support

Add MOC as a credit type that learners can claim when they complete qualifying activities. Real-time web service integration with the ACCME automatically transmits and verifies MOC points with participating medical boards.

Manage all aspects of certification using a single tool. The CMT integrates with your online CE experience, so it’s easy for learners to claim credit and receive a certificate.

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