What True CME Integration Looks Like

Consolidate CME into a single application. Everyone benefits from total integration of CME administrative tasks.

Fully integrated CME software gives you something of priceless value: Time

When you’re not poring over spreadsheets, tracking down missing data, or keying numbers into tiny cells, you have a lot more time to do what you do best: build and maintain valuable CME activities.

Rievent integrates all CME administrative tasks into a single, easy-to-use interface.

There are lots of tasks your existing CME software likely can’t handle on its own. You might use multiple applications to accomplish those tasks. Or maybe you perform them manually. They include:

What about annual reports?

Those are integrated, too. All of them.

Whether you file ACCME PARS reports, ANCC NARS reports, or periodically submit Pharmacy CE data to the ACPE’s CPE Monitor, Rievent automates your reporting. The system collects all required data and generates the report for you.

And if you submit JA-PARS reports to the Joint Accreditation Program, Rievent can handle those, too.

All you have to do is download the report (it’s already formatted for you!) and upload it to the accreditor’s website.

Here’s how learners benefit

Total CME integration empowers learners to self-manage their CME experience. Using Rievent, they can:

  • Browse online activities in the CE activity catalog and live meetings in the events calendar
  • Register for meetings and access meeting information
  • View CME content or claim credit for live meetings hosted on any third-party platform
  • Access online activities on the go, from any device
  • Start and pause activities as they please
  • Download certificates and transcripts whenever they want
  • Complete outcomes surveys in the weeks and months following activity completion

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