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See the Rievent Platform in action! Through these videos, you’ll discover how easy it can be to reduce time-consuming administration while empowering your professional learners.

What is the Rievent Platform?

Learning management system? Continuing professional education software? Course delivery tool? The Rievent Platform is all of those things! In this video, we show you how our cloud-based platform helps you build, deliver, and manage continuing education activities. You’ll learn about our powerful reporting tools, too.

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The Learning Portal

Empower your learners by making it easy to browse and select activities. Learners also use Rievent’s Learning Portal to view and register for upcoming live events, webinars, or RSS. Using the MyCE page, they can view participation history, print certificates or transcripts, view test scores, and access content for completed activities.

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Reporting and Analytics

Discover how Rievent Platform reporting tools deliver rich, detailed data across all of your continuing education activities. With on-demand, interactive reports, you can view every imaginable credit and participation-related metric. Use filters to drill down and find value in your data and discover new ways to improve continuing education programs.

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Automate ACCME PARS Reports

What if your CME software prepared ACCME PARS reports automatically? Well, that’s what you get with the Rievent Platform, and this video shows you how it works! Rievent tracks all PARS accreditation and participation data throughout the year. Just export your PARS file from Rievent, and it’s ready to upload to the ACCME website.

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Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS)

Now you can streamline and simplify RSS administration with online tools that automate attendance and credit processing. In this video, we show you how the Rievent Platform enables learners to request (and receive) CME credit for their RSS participation and seamlessly complete session evaluations.

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Certification Management Tool

Watch this video to learn about Rievent’s Certification Management Tool, which helps you create and manage all of your accredited providers and certificates. Design your own certificates, or use one of Rievent’s default templates to start building your own. You’ll also see how easy it is for learners to download or print certificates.

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