Try the Learner Experience

These demos are set up to simulate the learner experience with the Rievent Platform.  They work exactly like a real CME activity, so you can only receive credit one time per activity.

When going through the demos, please use a valid name and email to get the full learner experience. This will ensure you receive the CME confirmation email when you complete one of demos, with a link to download your certificate.

Enduring Demo: Video

Enduring Demo: Video

There are many types of Enduring Activities that can be created, based on what type of content is being used, where the content is located, which surveys are included, etc. This specific enduring activity demo has the following options enabled:

  • Overview Page
  • Sign-in
  • Content (uploaded video)
  • Post-Test*
  • Objectives Evaluation
  • Activity Evaluation
  • Credit Selection
  • Certificate Download Page

*The correct answer for all test questions is choice A

Try the Demo
Enduring Demo: SCORM
Journal Demo
Live Events: Registration
Live Events: Requesting Credit
Webinar Demo: Requesting Credit

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Download a sample transcript, access certificates, view credit history, and more!

What’s included in the Learning Portal?

The CE Catalog

The CE Catalog contains all activities that are available for participation, including live events, webinars, enduring activities, journal activities, and RSS sessions. Browse through the catalog and participate in any of the demos activities.

CE Catalog

Events Calendar

The Events Calendar lists all the Live Events, Webinars, and upcoming RSS Sessions. In addition to the filtering options from the CE Catalog, learners can use a date range widget to view only events for the a specific time frame.

See the Events Calendar


The My CE Page provides on-demand access to certificates, transcripts, credit history and more. All in-progress activities are listed here as well, so its easy for learners to jump right back in where they left off.

A slide-down review block allows learners to review old test score, content pieces, and evaluations from any previously completed activities.

MyCE Page

Claim Credit Page

The Credit Claim Page is where learners enter their unique credit claim codes for RSS or Webinar activities. They simply enter the code, then complete the associated evaluations and download their certificate. Transcripts are instantly updated as well.

When setting up an RSS activity, each session within the series has its own unique 5 digit code.  For Webinars, each activity will have its own unique 6 digit code for learners to claim credit.

Claim Credit Page

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