The Trick for Turning Webinars into Enduring CME

Extend the value of your recorded webinars by converting them to enduring CME activities. It’s easy to do with Rievent.

You just finished a fantastic webinar. So why limit it to live attendees?

Over the last 18 months, CME providers have turned to webinars as a way to keep delivering activities to learners. Live webinars are valuable, but recorded webinars? Many providers have trouble re-purposing them.

In many cases, turning recorded content into an enduring or on-demand CME activity is way too difficult. Providers’ technology simply doesn’t allow them to convert webinars into another type of activity.

Or, when it does, the process might be dreadfully tedious.

Rievent changes all that. We make webinar-to-enduring conversions easy.

With Rievent’s Administrator Portal, you can:

You get a complete package for transforming any CME webinar into an enduring activity! Every tool is available in Rievent, so you won’t need a hodgepodge of apps just to get your activities in front of learners.

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