Still Working on PARS Reports? Read This.

Automate all of your annual reporting. Rievent transforms weeks of data gathering into a five-minute task.

Make this the last year you scramble to complete those reports.

Year-end reporting takes time. You’ve got to collect all the data, organize it, and format it to the accreditor’s specifications. The process is tedious and can take days or weeks to complete.

Rievent makes all of that go away.

With Rievent, technology does the hard work. You’ll be done with your reports before you can finish a cup of coffee.

Plus, you’ll gain back all of those lost days and weeks.

How it works for ACCME PARS and ANCC NARS

Rievent automatically gathers, organizes, and formats annual reporting data. All you have to do is:

  1. Log in to Rievent
  2. Download your report
  3. Upload the report to the PARS or NARS system

In just five minutes, you’ve started and finished your annual reports.

How it works for ACPE CPE Monitor

There’s are no steps for ACPE reporting! Rievent integrates directly with the ACPE’s CPE Monitor and submits credits via a real-time web service.

There’s really nothing for you to do. No data collection. No formatting. No batch submissions. Rievent transmits the data for you.

See Rievent in action

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