Here’s What CME Learners Really Think

Learners want the entire CME activity lifecycle to be online. You can make that happen with Rievent.

These are the things that bug your learners

Your learners value CME, but they don’t like jumping through hoops to get it. Common unneeded CME complications include:

If you’re like most CME providers, your learners deal with some or all of these problems every time they come to you for CME. It’s not a lot of fun.

But it’s something you can fix.

Here’s how great your learner experience can be

Rievent consolidates every CME learner feature into a single experience. Your learners can get all of their CME and manage all documentation in one place. Specifically, they can:

In other words, you can provide an all-in-one CME experience that your learners love. And fewer complications for learners means fewer calls, emails, and support requests for your team.

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