Always Be Current

Enjoy the Rievent Platform’s latest features, all without lifting a finger. As a multi-tenant, cloud-based, enterprise software platform, we handle every update for you. It’s automatic.

Always current, all the time

With the Rievent Platform, you’re always using the latest version. There are no manual software upgrades – it’s that simple.

Automatic software updates

Never miss an update, no matter how your organization uses the Rievent Platform. All updates happen automatically, so you can take advantage of new features and improvements as soon as we release them.

Enhancements for everyone

We’re constantly improving the Rievent Platform. Whenever we add something new, we give it everyone. No extra fees. No selective rollouts. You get the same enhancements we give to all of our customers.

Get started right away

Thanks to cloud-based delivery, you can start using the Rievent Platform immediately. There’s no on-site implementation – just straightforward setup and training led by our team. After that, you’re ready to go!

Imagine: Powerful tools to manage all aspects of your continuing professional education programs. Always up-to-date. Always equipped with the latest features.

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