Deliver All Activity Types

Manage and deliver any type of CE activity, all from a single platform. You’ll gain back hours of lost administration time while providing value to your learners.

Enduring Materials

Create enduring material activities with a full range of options for credit, surveys, tests, follow-up outcomes, and more. By automating management and delivery of enduring materials, you can streamline learner access to activities while eliminating manual recordkeeping.

Live Events

From single session to multi-day/multi-session meetings, the Rievent Platform supports all CE live events and includes an eCommerce option. You can control live event registration, payments, speakers, and credit claims, all in one place.


Configured to work with any webinar vendor (WebEx, GoToWebinar, etc), instantly process requests for credit following live webinars, or for webinars you publish as enduring content. Rievent automates the awarding of credit and eliminates manual record keeping, all while enhancing the learner experience.

Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS)

Hospitals: Automate the awarding of credit for all your RSS. After attending a session, learners enter a unique five-letter code to verify attendance and claim credit. Optional session and speaker surveys provide insights that improve future RSS. Transcripts are instantly updated and ready to print at any time.

Watch the Video


Upload journal content to the Rievent Platform or link to content that’s already on the Web. You can add test questions, surveys, and other components that make it easy to award credit and collect data for journal-based activity reporting.

Manuscript Review

Publishers: Award credit to professional reviewers without the administrative hassle. Reviewers receive certificates via email and transcripts are automatically updated. Reviewers can also access certificates and transcripts through their account at any time.

With support for all activity types, The Rievent Platform empowers you to streamline your CE business processes. At the same time, you’ll provide a seamless experience to professional learners, fulfill your organizational mission, and discover new opportunities to make CE more valuable.

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