Activity Creation Tools

Upload content, build evaluations, and add links to hosted resources. With feature-rich production templates for all activity types, it’s easy to create new activities and deliver a first-class experience to your learners.

Easy-to-use templates for all activity types

Build and publish activities with ready-to-go production templates. A simple, interview-style interface guides you through the process. By the time you’re finished, you’ve provided all the information needed for your activity – you can publish it with just one click.

Drag-and-drop content uploader

Add content in common learning file formats, like mp4, PDF, and SCORM. Simply locate the file, drag it to the Rievent Platform, and you’re set. Rievent hosts these files, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining them.

Link to content around the web

If you need to add content that’s already online, Rievent makes it easy. Simply enter the URL, or, if you’re adding journal content, the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for the publication. Rievent automatically associates the content with your activity.

Multiple Choice Parser

Save time by uploading all your multiple choice and true/false questions at once. The parser automatically separates your questions, answer choices, correct answers, and rationales. Support for HTML code makes it easy to include text formatting and images with the upload.

The Rievent Platform makes it easy to create new CE activities and deliver them to your learners. As a result, you can publish activities quickly and simplify administration.

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