CE Learner Features

Empower your learners and reduce your administrative burden. The Learning Portal enables learners to manage their entire CE experience,  giving you more time to focus on valuable tasks.

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Register for CE Live Events

It’s time to simplify live event registration. Rievent’s CE Events Calendar makes it easy to browse upcoming events, make selections, and register. No separate logins. No third party apps. Everything happens in one place.

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Claim Credit Automatically

Transform “credits claimed” into “credits earned,” right away and without lifting a finger. The Rievent Platform lets learners claim CE before they leave a live event. Credits post to their accounts automatically.

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View and Print Certificates and Transcripts

Eliminate costly document processing and empower learners to manage certificates and transcripts. The Rievent Platform lets learners access these documents online, so they can get exactly what they need – fast.

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Access Test Scores and Participation History

It’s time to give learners more control over CE. With the Rievent Platform, managing participation history is a simple, learner-guided exercise. Learners can view test scores, credits earned, and so much more, all in a matter of seconds.

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Easier for learners. Easier for you and your staff. Expanded access to CE activities and management tools leads to higher participation rates and more engaged learners.

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With Rievent, we can prepare and post online activities much more easily. It’s those simple advantages that deliver positive ROI.

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