View and Print Certificates and Transcripts

Eliminate costly document processing and empower learners to manage certificates and transcripts. The Rievent Platform lets learners access these documents online, so they can get exactly what they need – fast.

Download CE transcripts on demand

After logging into Rievent’s Learning Portal, learners can download a complete CE transcript right away. No more “transcript request processes” or waiting around for documentation. Transcripts are available online, whenever your learners need them.

Print any certificate or transcript

Make it easy obtain paper copies of CE documents. When learners view a certificate or transcript online, they have the option to print a copy. This feature eliminates the need to process documents internally and simplifies the CE experience for learners.

Receive automatic CE confirmation emails

Email your learners when updated transcripts and certificates are available. Learners receive confirmation emails after completing any CE live meeting, online activity, or webinar. The email includes a link to download or print a certificate.

Eliminate certificate processing delays

Do your learners have to wait to receive certificates following activity completion? Well, they won’t have to anymore! Certificates are readily available as soon as learners earn credit, eliminating delays and reducing administration for your staff.

Ready to streamline CE transcript and certificate management? Contact Rievent today to see how easy it is to deliver custom CE certificates and eliminate the document request process.

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