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It’s time to simplify live event registration. Rievent’s CE Events Calendar makes it easy to browse upcoming events, make selections, and register. No separate logins. No third party apps. Everything happens in one place.

Browse the CE Events Calendar

Learners view upcoming live events or meetings via an integrated calendar. The calendar format makes it easy to identify events that meet learners’ needs for dates, times, and topical relevance. After selecting an event, they can register right away.

Register for any event

When learners select an event from the calendar, the registration process begins. If there’s a registration fee, it’s easy for learners to use the eCommerce option. An integrated payment gateway ensures simple, straightforward online payment.

Enter discount codes

The Rievent eCommerce interface supports discount codes and automatic, date-based price changes to encourage early registration. After learners enter the code on the payment screen, the discount applies automatically.

Complete a pre-test or survey

How much do learners already know about the subject matter of an event? Using Rievent, learners can complete a pre-test or knowledge survey during the registration process. Results help you determine whether your events are meeting their needs.

Automatic pre-event and post-event communication

Learners receive a registration confirmation email as well as attendance reminders in the days leading up to an event. If you opt to send a follow-up outcomes survey, learners receive it at the email address provided during registration. All pre-event and post-event communications are automated within the Rievent Platform.

Rievent’s CE Events Calendar and optional eCommerce tools make registration frustration-free. Contact us today to see them in action!

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