Print Transcripts and Access Test Scores

Automate administration and empower your learners in the process. Powerful self-service tools help learners manage their own account information and access their complete participation records.

Self-service for profiles

Stop manually updating learner profiles and fielding password reset requests. With the Rievent Platform, learners can update their own personal details and retrieve forgotten passwords, so you don’t have to.

Printable transcripts and certificates

Through the Learning Portal's My CE page, learners view and print their own transcripts and certificates. You can finally stop fielding certificate requests and focus on higher-value tasks.

Access to participation history

From their My CE page, learners can access a list of completed and in-progress activities at a moment’s notice. They can review the content for completed activities and resume unfinished activities, too.

Access to test scores

Performance matters, which is why learners can easily view test scores from any completed activities.

The Rievent Platform’s self-service activity management tools transfer essential administration to learners, so you reduce your administrative burden and free up resources for other pursuits.

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