Claim Credit Automatically

Transform “credits claimed” into “credits earned,” right away and without lifting a finger. The Rievent Platform lets learners claim CE before they leave a live event. Credits post to their accounts automatically.

Say goodbye to manual credit processing

Do your learners have to wait while you process CE credits? When learners claim credit through the Rievent Platform, the waiting game is over. There isn’t any “processing.” Credits post to their accounts and transcripts right away.

Automatic updates to participation history

Credit posts to learner accounts as soon as they complete an activity. Learners then have the option to download or print an up-to-date transcript that reflects event attendance, even if the event just took place.

Generate certificates on demand

After claiming credit, learners can generate a certificate right away. Printable certificates are available within the Rievent Platform, so learners don’t have to log out and log back in to access one. Certificates are ready to download or print immediately.

Support for RSS and CME live events

CME providers can use Rievent to automate requests for credit after any live event or regularly scheduled series (RSS). Let learners claim credit while they’re still in their seats and eliminate post-event spreadsheet headaches.

Simplified RSS credit. Just enter a code and click “claim credit.” Done.

Let learners claim CE credit immediately following an RSS session. When the session is over, learners receive a unique, 5-character code. They simply enter the code in Rievent’s Learning Portal, complete any evaluations, and they’re done. Credit claimed. Transcript updated.

Rievent simplifies post-event credit processing and gives learners more control over CE. Credits post automatically. Participation history updates without your intervention. And learners get the documentation they need, faster than ever.

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