Access Test Scores and Participation History

It’s time to give learners more control over CE. With the Rievent Platform, managing participation history is a simple, learner-guided exercise. Learners can view test scores, credits earned, and so much more, all in a matter of seconds.

Verify CE credits, anytime and anywhere

Do your learners need to view the number and types of CE credits earned? With Rievent’s Learning Portal, they can. Learners can view their credit history from any device, making it easy to verify participation and saving providers from manual records retrieval.

Access test scores for completed activities

How well did a learner do on that last enduring activity? Or what about that journal-based activity she completed last spring? With Rievent, it’s easy for learners to check test scores for any completed CE activity and assess past performance.

View content for completed activities

Extend the value – and the lifespan – of your CE activities by making content available to learners long after they’ve taken a post-test and received credit. Learners can navigate to the list of completed activities to review any content right away.

Resume incomplete activities

While you’re at it, why not show learners which activities they started but never completed? When learners log into the Learning Portal, it’s easy to view any CE activities that are still in progress and resume them immediately.

View and Print participation documents

Let your learners download or print any participation document, all on their own time. Rievent makes it easy for learners to access individual participation history, like transcripts and certificates.

When learners manage their own CE participation, they choose which information to view and when to view it. It’s just simple. And you’ll never have to hunt for test scores, activity history, or transcripts again.

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